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You are in the selling business. To make a mark and bring in profits your operation needs to be better than good; it needs to be great. Let us expertly find the ways to improve your operation or help you start with the know-how you need to succeed.

Our focus is on a winning menu to be your first line of sales to the customer. Find out more about our menu services.

Here are a some of the hospitality consulting services we currently provide:

  • Menu Development
    Our Executive Chef will work with you to design a menu that will fit your concept. We will work with your staff to create workable recipes and train them to prepare your menu with consistently good results. Click here for more info & our menu services.
  • Staffing
    Let us use our market connections to bring in staff we trust to help your restaurant achieve success.
  • Server Training
    73% of the reason a person will return to your restaurant is service!* We will teach your servers how to use suggestive selling to guide customers and increase profits. Use words to paint images of specials and features. Make the customer feel pampered and want to come back.
  • Vendor Recommendations
    We have worked with dozens of wholesalers, artisan cheese makers and growers. Use our experience to find the vendor to fit your unique needs.
  • Publicity
    We will show you how to get instant publicity with a variety of cost effective tools.
  • Merchandising
    Have us engineer merchandise to boost profits and get you maximum public exposure.
  • Reviews
    Let us show you how to counteract any bad reviews and get good ones .

*According to Jeff Hookman CEO, 4 Remarkable Service

There is a reason we have been consistently voted "Best Caterer". Our dedication to excellence and good leadership have made us a success. Apply the same talents & experience to your business!

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Increase profitability, creativity and taste!
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