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Gourmet Homemade Ice Cream & Sorbet *

NEWSpring Selections
Mango lavendar-Vanilla Honey Sorbet
Edible Flower Ice Cream

All flavors are homemade in the finest epicurean way through reductions of liquors, fruits and herbs.

The spices are hand ground to fine powders and the milks and creams are infused with teas, vanillas and other flavors and then strained for clarity and decadent creaminess as well as added purity.

I use handpicked vanillas, chocolates and coffees from far off exotic places with robust flavors like no other. All this lends to an ice cream with unmatched dense richness and intense creamy flavor.
ice cream YUM!
I am sure you will love my ice creams as much as all my family and friends in Houston, TX and my clients all over, have come to love them.

Chef Natasha Treu'

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Coffee Infused
Turkish Coffee
Low Fat Turkish Coffee
Café’ Su Da,
The Best Tiramisu
White Russian

Cocktail Inspired
Green Appletini
Green Appletini Sorbet
White Russian

Alcohol & Liquor Infused
Angelico – Frangelico Infused
Bourbon Pumpkin Pie
Green Appletini - Sorbet
Guinness w/ Honey Fudge Sauce   
Raspberry Cognac - Sorbet
Rum Butter Pecan
Saint Arnolds Seasonal Beer Flavors
Black Walnut
"The Best" Tiramisu

Dessert Inspired
Bourbon Pumpkin Pie           
Lemon Meringue Pie
Chocolate Hazelnut Torte
Dulce De Leche                     
Peach Melba                                     
Pralines n Cream
Sweet Cream with Organic
Summer Strawberries
Vanilla Bean w / Toasted - Marshmallows & Walnuts

Feel Good
Energize – Mint Green Tea Ice Cream w/ Chocolate Chunks & Infused w/ Herbs
Palette Cleanser- Lemon Pepper Sorbet
Mood Ease – Mexican Vanilla w/ - Dulce De Leche & Chocolate Chunks
Digestive Aid - Papaya
Digestive Aid Sorbet - Papaya
Romántico - Jalapeño Sorbet Delicious!    

Mexican Vanilla
Turkish Coffee
Rum Butter Pecan
Dulce De Leche
Guinness W/ Honey Fudge Sauce   
Raspberry Cognac Sorbet
Romántico Jalapeño Sorbet
Succulent Fresh Peach Sorbet

*All Sorbet Flavors are Fat Free AND Dairy Free!
**Based on crop changes and grocer stocks, available flavors may vary at any time.