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“Anybody can make you enjoy the first bite of a dish, but only a real chef can make you enjoy the last.” Francois MinotAmazing hors d'oeuvre catering creations




Duck en Croute le Apricot
Duck breast glazed w/ cognac apricot sauce. Pan seared so that the fat is rendered, then thin slices are tucked into rounds of puff pastry & baked. 

First Course

Pumpkin Risotto
Arborio rice with cane sweetened pumpkin puree topped with white truffle oil and White Mushroom.

Palate Cleanser

Fresh Honey-Lavender-Mango Sorbet

Main Course

Pink Peppercorn enhanced 5 Star American Kobe Rib eye
5Star Kobe Rib-eye (aka Prime Rib), served with roasted baby globe carrots atop Gorgonzola Onions

Savory Sweet Potatoes
Roasted organic Texas sweet potatoes, topped with herb butter and Cotija cheese.

Saffron Peas
The pop of fresh peas infused with the sensual flavor of saffron.

Dessert Course

Duo of Tarts
Pears poached in honey atop Gorgonzola-honey-mascarpone in an allButter, tart shell. Fresh lemon tart crowned w/ Brulee of pear. 

Cheese and Bread Course

Plateau de Fromage
Fresh fruit, olives, nuts and assortment of gourmet crackers to accompny: Raw Grand Cru Gruyere, Pasture Fed Green Hill, French Fourme D’ambert, Soft Ripened Goat Chevrot and British Shrophire Blue.


Tapas y Pinxos

Tomato Bread
Classic Spanish Tomato Bread 

Tapa Marsala
Atop a super thin slice of crisp raw red radish sits a subtle touch of local farm chevre. This is smothered in succulently sautéed portabella & shitake mushrooms that are deglazed w/ wine; finally veiled by thin salty prosciutto. 

Jamón y Huevos
French bread topped with thick aged jamón, Spanish omelet, and olive anchovy tapenede. 

Anisado Sorbet – Palate Cleanser

Ensalada Avante Garde
Green apple wrapped rare scallop with julienne of radish and fennel. Drizzled in fine Spanish olive oil and topped with fleur de sel and caviar.


Paella Classico
Traditional paella made w/ the reddest saffron threads from Spain. Simmered w/ crispy pancetta, fresh shrimp, squid, clams, fish, & saffron steeped peas.


Tomato Meringue
Eggwhites whipped with sweet Heirloom tomatoes then baked into a soft marshmallow like confection. 

Paler Shade of Green
Mint white chocolate ice cream, Iced Yogurt, White Chocolate Sauce and Green apple ribbon. 

Glass of Anisetta
Among the most popular drinks in Spain, obtained by the infusion of Chinese star anise and cocoa distillate.


Classic Martini paired with
Oysters Vodka
Fresh oysters poached in their own liquor and fine vodka. Then topped with oyster jus.
Mild Goat Cheese Stuffed Shrimp in Fennel VinaigretteSucculent bite of shrimp sautéed in pink peppercorn, stuffed w/ mild goat cheese then wrapped in green leaf lettuce & crisp “thymed” bacon. Finished w/ fennel vinaigrette to give it perfect balance.

Mandarin-Ginger Martini paired with
Chicken Satay
Ginger marinated chicken on skewers served w/ a mild Satay sauce.
Orange Peel Beef
Thin slices of filet layered on bamboo skewers with caramelized onion and tender bell pepper in sweet orange peel sauce. 

Litchi Saketini paired with
Key Lime Pies
Individual fresh key lime pies topped with a fresh orange blossom meringue
Mango Cream “Martinis”

Martini Glasses filled with refreshing cool mango cream


Brioche soaked in decadent cinammon custard then toasted. Topped with brulee of caramelized sugar and served with maple butter and vanilla whipped cream. FRITTATA TUSCANA
Italian style omelet with rustic Tuscan sausage, spinach, white bean, egg and freshly chopped herbs. Finished in oven with parmesan breadcrumb topping.

Diced potatoes baked until crispy with fresh blueberres, tarragon and gorgonzola.

Champagne, Orange Juice and FreshSqeezed Key-Limeaide.


Amuse Bouche
Mild Goat Cheese Stuffed Shrimp in Fennel Vinaigrette
Shrimp sautéed in pink peppercorn, stuffed with mild goat cheese then wrapped in green leaf lettuce and crisp “thymed” bacon.

First Course
Olive Platter
Wine Marinated Olives, Cognac Rehydrated Dried Fruits and Duck en Croute le Apricot

Main Course
Beef Bourguignon
One of Burgundy’s most sought after dishes. Marinated beef braised in red wine, garnished w/ seasonal vegetables and herbs then simmered for 6 hours. It is hearty and succulent. Similar to a stew but much more flavorful, with a fuller mouth feel.

Haricot Verts Bundles
Citrusherb marinated,sweet french beans with toasted almonds. Wrapped in tight herb bundles.

Radish au Jus
Sweet seasonal radishes roasted in garlic, white wine, salt and pepper.

Cheese Course
Brie en Croute
Wheel of Brie wrapped in puff pastry purse, topped with brown sugar and caramelized walnuts.

French Chocolate Mousse
The classic preparation of the decadent and yet light as air confection.



Savory Canapes
The Sea Revisited
Citrus Cured Jasmine Tea Smoked Wild King Salmon Topped with Grapefruit Cream and American Black Caviar in Seashell
Perfect pair with a Gin and Tonic!

Italian Medallion
Medallion of Herb Encrusted Goat Cheese; Pan Seared in Fine Olive Oil and Topped with Caramelized Sweet Purple Onion

Green Peppercorned Rib Eye Pancake
Dense Tarragon Pancake Topped with Green Peppercorn Rib Eye, Drizzled with Lemon Béarnaise Sauce

Lamb a un Caffe'
Coffee Encrusted Seared Rare Lamb Garnished with Fresh Mint Emulsion and a Dark Chocolate Shaving

Sweet Canapes served with Proseco
Purple Black and White

Dark Chocolate Cookie with Fresh Black Cherries Baked in; Topped With Gooey Toasted Marshmallow.
Chocolate Hazelnut Torte Ice Cream
Served in Demitasse Cups with Option of Red Raspberry Coulis.








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